• Member Dues

      There are multiple payment plans for monthly dues.  Please contact the manager for details and Click here to view and/or pay your member charges.


    • Board of Directors

      The Board of Directors is elected at the annual November meeting and meets the first Monday of the month at 5 pm. Feedback and suggestions may be provided by emailing membership@lakesideblm.com.

    • NameOfficer/Director Term
      Vern McGinnis* President 2019/2020
      Karl Goeke* Vice President & Entertainment 2019/2020
      Secretary & Membership/Social Media
      Steve GildnerGrounds & Lake 2019/2020
      Mark Hotlen* House Kitchen 2020/2021
      Sean Craig^ Pool
      Jim Riordan* House Maintenance 2020/2021
      *Voting director
      ^Past president